On Line Marketing: The Marketing Plan Seminar On Line Course.wmv

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This short video introduces the just-produced on line course entitled The marketing plan Course hosted on Udemy at http://udemy.com/the-marketing-plan-semina…

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Mailing Lists: How to Give Yourself an Advantage in the Work-At-Home Job Market

If you’ve spent any time searching online for a home based
job, you already know that the ‘net is filled with scams.
When you do find a site that lists legitimate work-at-home
jobs, you’ll see that these jobs listings typically have
several things in common:

= They’re often hiring workers who already have the skills
necessary to do the job.

= They’re looking for experienced workers with proven
track records.

= Most of them state that although the position is a
telecommuting position, the worker must live in the
same area as the company itself.

= Many require the worker to periodically work in the
office, with telecommuting being an option.

‘So what?’, you ask… Thinking this over, you’ll see
that this makes sense. If the company is offering a
telecommuting position, then naturally they would want
someone who already have the skills — training is much
more difficult to do when you’re at home!

Secondly… the company wants experienced workers with
proven track records. Again, this makes sense. With a
telecommuting position it’s not quite as easy to ‘check
up’ on a worker than if he or she was physically on
location. Plus the employer may not even want to check
up on the worker; he’s likely looking for someone reliable
and able to work independently with minimal supervision.

And finally, many employers still prefer that the worker
lives in the same area as the company. This way if there’s
a reason why the employer needs the worker to come into the
office, it’s no problem. Telecommuting is a benefit, not a

So what can you do to better your chances of getting a
telecommuting position?


Many telecommuting positions are offered to current
employees who have proven themselves to the employer.
Are you willing to start off in the office, and negotiate
telecommuting days later? Would you be willing to check
in with the office regularly? Can you handle the
possibility of fewer or no health care benefits in
exchange for working at home?

Know what you’re willing to do, or ‘give up’, in order
to work from home. Remember that not all employers will
permit their telecommuters to work their own hours; some
of them will want you to work the same hours as regular
employees — you just get to do it from the comfort of
your home.


Employers know that there are plenty of willing home
workers; they can afford to be choosy. If you have a
degree, diploma, or other certification, it may very
well work in your favor. For example, many telecommuting
positions require candidates to have excellent computer
skills and familiarity with several types of software.


Applying for a job over the Internet is just like applying
for a job in the ‘real world’. Follow application
instructions. Take the time to create a professional cover
letter and resume, and send your application to the right
address. Attention to detail counts; there’s no reason why
employers would want to hire someone who can’t be bothered
to put in an effort.

Telecommuting is a wonderful option, but visions of easy
days spent

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Network Marketing: Network Marketing Success Scripts

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http://StreetSmartScripts.com – have you ever tried calling your list with a stuffy script in your starter kit? No wonder People aren’t interested. Develop s…

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Internet marketing: Marketing Your Book Using Internet

 All of us know that it’s very difficult to market yourself published book on your own on internet or on other means, so we have discussed about few of the resources, web sites and few other tips which will make marketing your book an easier task for you.

Buy a Domain Name of your own for your website: even if you are not in a condition to set up web site, then also you should buy a domain name so that no one else can buy it before you. Few domain providers provide you domain name at very cheap rates. Title of your book or subtitle of your book can be good domain names but provided they are neither too long nor hard to spell.

Start writing blogs: Using platform such as worldpress and blogger.com will give you opportunity to maintain your blogs
professionally. If you are not sure about what to write on your blog then have a look at blogs of other authors and learn from their blogs what should be given in blogs to market your book. You can also use your blog as a place where you can get reviews about your book, discuss about your basic idea behind writing the book, announce upcoming events and also provide special offers to those who are in link with you through blogs. The easiest way to make your blog famous is to start commenting on others blogs and linking them with your blog.

Share your views on yahoo answers: A yahoo answers is a site where people can post their questions and others can answer to those questions. Yahoo answers are a widely famous site and at a single moment there are hundreds of questions present. You can search by categories the questions asked by people in which you are an expert. Answer a question by just giving a short clue that may attract people and then give the link of your site for any further clarifications.

Using Google alerts: Through Google updates you receive emails on the topic or keyword that you would have selected. Set up Google alert which links to your book and comment on those related topics in which you are an expert, so that you can make your position as an expert on the internet or at that particular site. 

>Author writes for book marketing and marketing your book.<

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Internet marketing: Internet Marketing

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The Way Of Making Money.

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Marketing On Line: Everthing You Do Is Marketing AND Marketing Is Everything You Do

As a business owner, have you every asked yourself what business you’re in? Have you ever asked other business owners that question? If you haven’t, try it sometime. The most common answer we receive when we ask our clients that question, is definitely not what we want to hear.

From our perspective, there is only one acceptable answer and that is: I’m in the marketing business’. You see it doesn’t really matter what product or service (or widget as we call it) you sell, your product or service is simply a means to an end. The key to success in any business is marketing. Everything you do in business is marketing AND marketing is everything you do. This is a MUST not a ‘should’.

We believe the following summary of the marketing process provides a great starting point to build a marketing business.

Phase 1: Identify the total market. This involves all conceivable market possibilities relevant to your product or service, eg you might include the entire population of the West Coast of America.

Phase 2: Segment the market. This requires that you ‘break-down’ the total market into various segments, eg by age, ethnicity, income, religious persuasion, etc. What you are attempting to do is ‘split-up’ the total market into its various components clearly identifying possible markets you might wish to target.

Phase 3: Choose one or more target markets, eg you might focus on females between the ages of 25 and 40 years with an annual gross income of in excess of $70,000. It’s important to understand that you can choose more than one target market.

Phase 4: Position your business within your chosen target market(s). You need to determine how you want your chosen market(s) to perceive your business products and/or services, eg high quality/high price; value for money; etc. This is one of the most (if not the most) important phases of the entire process and communication is the key. Our preferred method of communication is Emotional Direct Response Marketing where we focus on and agitate the emotions of our chosen market(s) and ultimately provide a solution. How well (or otherwise) we achieve our intended outcomes in this phase, will determine the success of our business.

Phase 5: Implement the communication/marketing strategies developed in phase 4 and monitor the response. Ideally you should ‘test’ your campaign prior to total implementation. As a general rule we identify 100 households in a specified area (within our chosen target market of course), and monitor the results. If the results are not what we expect, we amend/tweak our approach and ‘test’ again until we get it right. At that stage we implement the campaign fully and monitor the results.

It’s crucial that you establish very clear goals or required outcomes prior to developing a marketing campaign . . . if you don’t know where you’re headed, any road will get you there AND ‘there’ is likely to be somewhere you

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Network Marketing: How to make an Auto Marketing Network Work for you

With all of the right elements in place, you can see the money rolling in with less work hours. That is the best equation when you think about it! Then you have money to spend as well as the free time to be able to live life to the fullest. The use of various tools and methods can make it all fall into place for you.


There are plenty of automation tools that you can implement for your auto marketing network. They ensure that each customer gets the same type of service and outcome when they take a particular action. Don’t worry if you aren’t able to set this up, you can hire someone for a low price to get it all in place for you. The methods behind the scenes are what will really help the customers. They will appreciate the easy set up and the outcome.


The use of autoresponders is one of the easiest and most effective auto marketing methods you can consider. By writing scripts that people will receive at various intervals, you ensure that they continue to know about your product or service. There are different messages that go out for those that haven’t made a purchase yet than those that have already bought from you in the past.

Pick the Right Program

Many of the affiliate programs already out there are turnkey which means that so much is already in place for you. By picking the right program, you don’t have to worry about starting from scratch. These programs offer you everything that they can so that you are able to get started with the process of making money immediately. It also ensures that they will be able to make money with each new prospect that comes on board.

Social Media

With millions of potential consumers using various forms of social media daily, you can’t go wrong using it with your auto marketing methods. Make sure you keep your professional and personal social media use separate from each other. Connecting with the right consumers through multiple methods ensures you reach the largest overall population of potential buyers.

Customer Support

While you can definitely use these auto marketing network methods to help you make money with less time invested, it can’t all be on auto pilot. Make sure you continue to stay aware of what your client base needs and ways to help them reach it. You also need to make sure you offer customer support via email or phone. When customers have a question or an issue, they want to be able to reach a live person to get the situation resolved quickly.

>Let Brian Garvin & Jeff West give you more information about
Legal Consulting and
at MLM Legal.<

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Mailing Lists: Opticity – Generating Mailing Lists and Campaign Post Forma Reports

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Watch as Opticity Co-Founder Greg Herrera shows how Opticity can improve casino productivity and profitability by automating some of the most challenging and…

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Website Marketing: Tips For Choosing An Internet Marketing Firm

The investment you make in your marketing strategies is very important. After all, it doesn’t matter how great your product or service is if no one knows about it. There are many different Internet marketing firms out there. This can make it confusing when you are trying to decide which one to work with. Here are some helpful tips.

First, you need to do your own research and homework. The internet marketing firm that works well for your buddy isn’t necessarily the best choice for you. Find out if they have marketed businesses similar to you. Ask them specific questions about how long they have been in business. Ask for references as well as for examples of other marketing campaigns they have been responsible for.

Take some time to talk with a representative. Are they interested in your point of view and what you want to convey to potential customers? If not, then look for someone else. Don’t work with anyone who is only interested in earning money from you or who continually tells you how much money you will earn. They need to be as concerned with the reputation of your business as you are.

Ask them how they will market to your target market. This is important because you don’t want your marketing dollars wasted on volumes of consumers. Instead you want time to be spent identifying a target market and then sending information specifically to them.

Internet marketing is a great way to increase the interest in your products or services. This will also lead to more sales being generated. Take your time to make sure you are using an internet marketing firm that has the same goals and ethics as your own business. This will help ensure communication can be effective as can the marketing campaigns they incorporate for you.

>Article by http://www.rypmarketing.com your source for effective, affordable internet marketing.<

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Marketing On Line: Video SEO [Online Video Marketing] Tutorial

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http://www.sheexperts.com Video SEO Tutorial. Click on the link above to learn how to maximise your online video marketing using video seo strategies. If you…

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