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Mailing Lists: Bingo – You're Cancelled

What is the value of the E-mail lists that promise to “blast”
your message to millions of potential clients? We all get many
unsolicited E-mails every day, and many are sent this way.

Let’s examine this a bit.

It starts off with an E-mail you receive promising huge returns
for the expenditure of a relatively small amount of money. Just
think – for only $200 you can get your message out to a million
people who are on the general subscriber list of AOL members.

“Wow” – you think – “even if I only get one half of one percent,
that will be 5,000 customers”. Now they also offer a “targeted”
list of one million for $400. Advertisers in the know, say you
can expect up to a 3 percent return from a targeted list – that’s
30,000 customers.

They do the mailing and you won’t have problems with your ISP
(Internet Service Provider) who will cancel your account for
spamming. How do they do this? Simple – they do not list your
address in the copy they send out, and they use a “forged”
address in the header. Try responding to any offer you receive
and, most of the time it will be returned as undeliverable.
These spammers usually provide a telephone number you can call,
where you will get a pre-recorded bit of hype, and a message to
send your money to their P.O. Box.

So what is a realistic response rate? Well folks don’t start
packing your bags for that vacation to Tahiti. The only people
making any money with this are the people conning you into paying
them to send out your E-mail. I have received numerous notes
from people who told me they paid “big bucks” to these companies
and didn’t get ANY responses. I’ve also received reports from
people who thought that a mailing was never made, even though
they paid for it – how do you prove they didn’t send it.

But wait there is an even better deal. You can get a CD with
15,000,000 addresses for only $199. “Now” you might think, “if I
can 5,000-30,000 customers from one million, how many customers
can I get with 15 million”.

The first question I would have, is how are you going to send out
your 15 million E-mails without having your ISP cancel your
account. Most free ISP’s put a limit of 50 E-mails you can send
out at one time. Let’s see 15 million divided by 50 would equal
300,000 mailings. Figure 20 minutes per mailing, it would take
over 6 years, working 8 hours a day, to send a mailing to
everyone on the list. Ever wonder how many of those addresses
will be valid next month, let alone 6 years from now?

Does that mean you will have to wait 6 years before you can start
packing your bags? Not hardly – there are some people whose main
goal in life is get the E-mail accounts of spammers canceled.
There is even software that makes the complaints automatically.

But you think, I have software that can send out many thousands
at a time. Granted, but all this means is your account will be
canceled by your ISP faster. Most keep “logs” of E-mail sent
out, and examine the

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Website Marketing: Internet Marketing ? Generate Free Website Traffic From Autoresponders

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http://fa.by/48b2e9 $15000 Free Gift YES really Free NO Email Required http://www.videosoftwaretips.com/ Free Video Tutorials N Tips N Tricks Autoresponder …

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Network Marketing: How to Overcome Objections in Your Gold Network Marketing Business

Regardless of how successful your gold network marketing business is, you are going to experience objections every now and then from potential clients. In order to successfully overcome the objections that you receive as a network marketer, you must gain an effective understanding of what they are and how to increase your confidence levels when faced with objections from potential or even current prospects. Throughout this guide, you will be provided with some useful information that will provide some insight into the psychology of an objection and some tactics that the top network marketers use in order to successfully overcome the objections that they have experienced in the field. By learning how to overcome objections in your gold network marketing business, you will be crossing a hurdle that could lead to a high amount of future success.

Objections Defined

In order to successfully overcome objections in your gold network marketing business, it is essential that you understand what objections are, in general. First, many object to opportunities and/or purchasing products and services that network marketers have to offer because they want more information. Many believe that when they receive an objection, it is equivalent to a rejection. This is a common misconception among marketers and results in a lot of failure when it comes to businesses. Receiving a “No” or other type of rejection does not mean that the prospect is not interested in what you have to offer, it simply means that you have to offer it in a more creative manner. In most instances, the prospect simply has some concerns or questions that have not been resolved and require more information before they will see the value in what you are offering with your gold network marketing business.

In addition to being a way of informing you that they require more information, a rejection may also be the prospect’s way of avoiding making an immediate decision. You must remember that each and every prospect that you come in contact with has needs, concerns, and wants. When offering your products and/or services, you must remember to take the time to analyze the prospect’s needs, concerns and wants. Once you have a good idea of what would appeal to the prospect, then you should pitch what you have to offer. However, it is important to avoid doing it in a sales-like way. Instead, do it in such a manner that you are showing the prospect that you understand their needs, concerns and wants and that your products and services may help them address what they need or fulfill them by providing them with that which they want. If you want to achieve success in your gold network marketing business, you must first work to understand your prospects. Once you do this, your prospects will understand you and you will find that the objections that you receive decrease in a dramatic fashion.

Enhance Your Social Skills

Now that you understand what objections truly

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Network Marketing: Social Media Recruiting for Network Marketing

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This Training is on Social Media Recruiting for Network Marketing. Using some of facebook’s features you can custom tailor who you would like to recruit for …

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On Line Marketing: Get Ready To Make A Whole Lot of Money!

Anthony Ray
Anthony Ray


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Get ready to make a whole lot of money!

Does this
sound familiar to you? I bet it does. I think we have all heard it before but for
once this is going to mean something. For once you will be able to make money and a
lot of it.  Just give me a little of your time to prove it. I will make this brief for
those of you that want the bottom line but please really read what I have to
say. I GUARANTEE you have
never seen an opportunity like this. If
you are a marketing professional you will understand why we will succeed when
the others can’t. 

This is a
big part of E4L.BIZ.  First if you
want to make money now even before we launch you can because we are paying
commissions on advertising.  It can be hard work
building a down line so don’t you want to get paid while you are doing it? Other companies don’t or can’t pay you in
Pre-Launch but we do. Also, if you don’t
know how to advertise or just don’t have time we can do ALL the WORK for you. 

You can have us do all the work and just tell us how many members you
want in your down line. It is that easy.
Also they will do the same and we will PAY YOU when they do.  You could make thousands
of dollars even before we launch.  Once we do launch we are going to help you explode your down line. We will be doing major advertising and
soon we will be doing our own TV commercials.


You will be able to get even the newest release DVDs for as little as $12.95. How would you like to get New Blockbusters for
as little as $9.99 and even less? No
more paying big money for used DVDs. How would like to get video equipment, home
theatre equipment and much, much more at prices you will die for? How would you like to get video games and
equipment at low, low prices for a change? Even half or less!

will be selling entertainment products.
DVD’s, CD’s, Video Games and Systems, Home Theater Systems and much,
much more. Everyone loves
entertainment and it is one of the biggest sellers in the USA and Canada
& Worldwide. Entertainment at
Wholesale Prices is our Goal! No more
paying big money for used DVDs ! E4L.BIZ – Imagine
Getting Paid to be entertained – Limited Time Offer! This is the power of E4L.BIZ

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On Line Marketing: 12 Meter Marketing Solutions – On Line Marketing Consultants

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On Line marketing isn’t just about the ranking it’s about the results (your bottom line), your reputation and your relationships.

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Mailing Lists: Newbies Hints and Tips : 6 Strategies to Avoid When E-mailing Your List

While there are many different ways you can encourage people to subscribe to your list, there are certain things you should do to avoid people wanting to unsubscribe.

1. The most obvious thing to avoid at all costs is spamming. Never ever send spam to your list. There are now many laws and rules that are applied to help protect the privacy of the Internet users from spamming and unwanted mails.

With the popularity of the electronic mail as a medium for marketing because of the low cost, many companies have seized the opportunity and have flooded many e-mail accounts with promotional mail. It would be a wise Internet Marketer who kept well away from going down that route.

2. Take notice of emails that bounce, or are undeliverable. Clean your list, and avoid sending emails that bounce back. However, there are certain times when the Server is so exceptionally busy that emails will bounce, so you can try again later. Sometimes emails bounce because the recipient’s inbox is full at the time.

The reason that emails bounce back consistently may be because of an invalid email spelling. Ensure there are no obvious errors (e.g. an email address spelt with .con instead of .com) or perhaps the address has been erased. Its good practice to manage your list carefully, and to erase any email addresses that consistently bounce.

3. Be sure to provide an unsubscribe link in all your emails. It is always of extreme inconvenience and annoyance to be on a list and unable to get off it, if needs be.

If a customer unsubcribes from your list, do respect their request. If you continue to send them emails you will be sending them spam mail, and could be reported. When you are reported as a spammer, you can get into a lot of trouble. You could be reported to the authorities and blacklisted by the Internet service providers. You will then lose many subscribers and many more potential subscribers.

4. Controversial issues should always be avoided.

5. One very obvious point to remember is to avoid always selling to your subscribers. Potential customers will quickly get very fed up when they see each and every email coming in trying to sell them something. It’s a sure fire way to get many more people unsubscribing, and a list that quickly reduces in size. Keep your list clean and manageable.

6. Points to remember:

· Never send spam.

· Never send illegal emails.

· Never send pornographic or shocking or disturbing material.

· Keep out of trouble and potential run-ins with the Internet Service Providers.

· Keep your business operation clean and legitimate.

· Keep your reputation sparkling clean.

Remembering the above will help you keep a happy and healthy relationship with your subscribers, and to stay within the boundaries of the Law.

>Ron Woodham retired at 65 and set up his own Internet Business. He spent 9 months teaching himself how to create and build websites from scratch, and now shares his knowledge through his Building Blocks for Beginners.
Visit his website http://www.newbieplace.co.uk for the full story.

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On Line Marketing: "Del marketing digital al móvil. Situación española, sectores off-line que desaparecen"

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Agustín Llorente. Vicepresident de la AESAM (Asociación Española de Empresas de Servicios para móviles)

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Network Marketing: Network Marketing Lifestyles Magazine: A source of learning

If you want to become an expert in network marketing, keeping yourself updated and educating yourself with the most updated ideas and techniques is a must. One of the great sources to keep you updated about network marketing is to subscribe to any of the highly rated network marketing magazine. Even though, there is a number of magazines available today on the subject of network marketing, most of the network marketing gurus consider Network Marketing Lifestyles Magazine as one of the best magazines.
The Network Marketing Lifestyles Magazine includes everything that a network marketing representative wants to read about network marketing. It includes the details about network marketing statistics, details about top network marketing companies, motivation and success stories, tips, latest trends, industry news, legal issues, tips about internet marketing, and much more.
The Network Marketing Lifestyles Magazine is not only a source of inspiration and market news for the experienced network marketing agents but it is also one of the best training materials available for all the new network marketers. It is highly recommended for new sales agents to subscribe to the Network Marketing Lifestyles Magazine for guidance from the best up to date training material available in the market. It is also considered as one of the best sources to get a good understanding of the business model of network marketing and its structure. For experienced network marketing representatives, a subscription is a great source to keep updated about all the new opportunities available to expand your network marketing business.
Success in network marketing depends on the knowledge of the techniques and updates about all the latest ideas and tips. For this reason, most network marketing sales agents subscribe to a number of different network marketing magazines but Network Marketing Lifestyles Magazine is a complete package of all the required information about the market and latest trends and if you are subscribed to the magazine, there is no need to subscribe to any other additional magazine. The magazine is a great source of tips for better understanding of the latest trends, techniques, strategies and new ideas that can help one in increasing their stream of revenue with better control on the business.
Knowing is everything in network marketing business and to achieve success in the highly competitive environment, you must keep yourself one step ahead of your competitors. So, it is essential to get all the latest information and updates about the market trends timely. This magazine is a great source that provides all the latest updates and information in a timely manner to its subscribers. The magazines consist of a number of different sections with a variety of information that can help anyone in the network marketing business with his career. The team of editors and writers in Network Marketing Lifestyles Magazine consists of professionals and network marketing gurus who make sure that only the best content reaches to its readers. There is no doubt that if you want to get full value for

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