Internet marketing: Orlando Internet Marketing Seminar – SEO – Web Design

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Brandtastic will be presenting a NEW Seminar – Orlando Internet Marketing May 23rd, 2011. This video has snippets from a seminar given by Brandtastic President, Frank Motola at the Disney Entrepren …

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Network Marketing: Teaching Network Marketing Reps Critical Time Management Skills

In order to achieve success in their industry, network marketing reps must tend to a wide range of responsibilities. Not only must the representatives in your downline learn about the company, they must also learn as much about the products and/or services that the company offers as possible. In addition to this, they must learn how to successfully market these products and/or services. Furthermore, your network marketing reps must ensure that they know how to successfully engage in the art of sales and learn how to customize their sales pitch per lead that they elect to interact with. However, the network marketing reps have additional responsibilities, too. These responsibilities include recruiting other individuals into their downline. If the representatives in your downline do not practice effective time management skills, they will struggle in at least one area which they are responsible for within their position. As a sponsor, it is imperative that you take the time to teach your network marketing reps how to appropriately manage their time. In turn, they will be more successful. When the representatives in your downline are successful, you become more successful. In this detailed guide, you will learn a few simple strategies for helping your downline manage their time successfully.


In order to succeed at time management, it is imperative that you teach your network marketing reps the importance of setting aside time each day to plan what it is that they need to do in order to be successful in their marketing endeavors. According to time management professionals, by investing fifteen minutes of time each day to plan out the activities that need to be completed during that time, it is possible to create up to one hour of additional time each day. It is best to plan at the beginning of the day; however, it is also possible to designate time at the end of the day to plan for the following day. Your network marketing reps know that they need to learn about the products and services that your company offers, they know that they need to market those products and/or services and they are aware of the fact that they must enlist others in their downline. You should encourage them to take fifteen minutes each day to outline how they will accomplish each of these tasks within a given day.

The “To-Do” List

The next step in teaching your network marketing reps time management skills is to ensure that you encourage each of them to create and follow a “To-Do” list. While it is true that many of your representatives will depend heavily on technological gadgets that assist in productivity, it has been found that the old-fashioned “To-Do” list is the most simple and effective strategy for identifying and tracking that which must be accomplished on a daily basis. When teaching your network marketing reps how to manage their time with a “To-Do” list, be certain to encourage them to adhere to the following

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On Line Marketing: Why is Attraction Marketing So Important?

Does attraction marketing really work?

With the continual change of internet marketing many marketers have modified the way they sell online and have begun using “attraction tactics”. The internet has developed its own terms or language to include a new way of marketing. Of course when a new trend appears, a clever phrase or word is invented and it gets “talked up” so that we are considered hip or in the know. A new trend for an old idea, Attraction Marketing has re-emerged as as “with it” selling strategy for online and has different processes.

Pre-selling and how do you pre-sell a customer has become the first process?

The easiest example of pre-selling is as follows: The phone book yellow pages. I can hear you saying, “WHAT?” But it is true. I bet right now you have your copy on a shelf or stuffed in a desk drawer. You never flip through it just to read advertisements… but when you need it – you pull it off the shelf and look for that specific product, company or service you need. Right? Thought so.

Please realize that the phone book yellow pages did not sell you anything. You as a customer initiated the sale yourself. This just happens to be the very first part of attraction marketing ~ the customer initiates the sale. Another example would be an auto parts store. Simply put they sell auto parts but many also do auto repairs so while the customer is shopping for parts he is also shown that auto repairs are available too. So the customer has the ability to ask questions he might have concerning a needed repair. By doing this the customer is attracted to the store. Your specific area is auto parts, information is given for free, and the customer begins to show loyalty to the auto parts store. In the end this is called attraction marketing. The auto parts store does not need to do cold calls, send out fliers, or hold a special sale… the customers are simply attracted to them.

Many internet guru’s will try to lay claim to inventing the term and its use but they are wrong. The local enclosed shopping mall is a perfect example to prove the point. In the 70′s shopping malls were the neatest thing around. They quickly became a place to hang out and be seen. A place to meet other people. Or a place to exercise by walking when the doctor says to walk but the weather is cold. Shopping malls encouraged these types of activities by having free concerts, offering your child’s picture with Santa and other subtle attraction marketing ideas.

With the development of the internet, like the shopping mall, it has become a place to meet to exchange views. And as the internet grew with adding graphics and interactivity, and games it began to chip away at the shopping

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Mailing Lists: The Vocations Top Ten Lists

In light of the shortage of priests and nuns, I think it might be beneficial to list some of the advantages of such vocations. They are, after all, comparable to marriage. And (with a spirit of jocularity), we can see lots of reasons a guy might choose to marry the Church, and a woman might choose to marry Christ.

Top Ten Reasons for Young Men to Become Priests Instead of Getting Married

Your bride won’t have a monthly irritability cycle.
Your bride will come home from BINGO with more money than when she left.
As a priest, where ever there is sin, you are needed. As a husband, where ever there is sin, you are forbidden.
In defense of your faith, you’ll study and learn other religions inside and out. In marriage, men are forbidden to study any other woman.
Religious documentaries might be boring, but you’ll never be forced to sit through a chick-flick.
You’ll preach your homily to a silent crowd. No one ever hears a husband preach over his wife’s arguments.
The church won’t undergo a complete personality change the day of your ordination.
Your bride won’t wake you in the middle of the night to ask you what you’re thinking, tell you she heard something, ask you if you remembered to lock the door, or hash out a week old argument.
Your bride won’t mind if you have gas.
Your bride will never have a headache.

Top Ten Reasons for Young Women to Become Nuns Instead of Getting Married

Your husband won’t lie about where he’s been all night.
Your husband won’t make crude noises or emit foul smells.
You’ll enjoy talking to your husband any time you feel like it…and he’ll actually listen.
Your husband won’t embarrass you with idiotic remarks in polite company.
Your Mother-in-Law won’t constantly remind you that you’re not good enough for her son.
You won’t get any grief for having cold feet or rear end at night.
The wedding won’t turn your husband into an insensitive, cold hearted jerk.
Your husband won’t mind wrinkles and old age.
You won’t have to listen to someone complain about your habit(s).
Your husband won’t mind if you have a headache.

>Written by Eric Engel, chief editor of The Catholic Letter at<

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Internet marketing: Internet Marketing Business Success Tips, Tools & Training for a Beginner

Rating: 4 Internet marketing, also referred to as web marketing, online marketing, or eMarketing, is the marketing of products or services over the Internet. My recommendat…

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Mailing Lists: Killer Tips to Buying Sales Leads Your Competitors Don't Want You to Figure Out By Yourself

Sooner or later, anyone in MLM is confronted by the condition of having a lack of prospective customers.

Here are some techniques that you can use today for your own lead generation – and make money meanwhile.

Most network marketers are not getting the level of actualization that they had originally dreamed of – almost definitely because they live in a constant state of “lead poverty”.

Any examination of the typical multi-level marketing company’s earnings disclosure statement will show that merely 10% of their reps are earning more than around $500 per year.

Did you actually sign up with your program in order to really just make $500 per year? I’m sure that you WANT to earn more, but you’re struggling. Struggling because you can’t sponsor people fast enough – and you’re burning up your profits buying leads.

Your warm market is limited, and ultimately you must be trained on how to use the internet and some effective low-cost lead generation methods in order to bring in a steady stream of new qualified prospects.

As history goes, formerly people could build up a business by simply “being” the business. You would use the products, wear the merchandise, and talk continually to your friends, relatives, and neighbors. You would then invite, sponsor, and train those new team members to do the same. Rinse and repeat. If you were really advanced, you would run “work from home” ads in your local newspaper. Those offline strategies worked fine for the last 20 years.

With the wide adoption of the Internet in the mid 90′s, the effectiveness of these offline tips and tricks has diminished, while at the same time new online opportunities have opened up. For example, it’s now possible to generate your own leads online using automated systems, and the individual network marketing rep now has access to millions of leads through online advertising and social media like Facebook and Twitter.

The problem is that most network marketers and their uplines haven’t a foggy clue about how to attracts and market from these Internet sources. The majority of marketers who try these techniques on the Internet will simply burn through a pile of cash – or go deeply in debt – and then have nothing to show for it. In addition, there are countless scammers and “snake oil salesmen” who would like to do nothing more than separate you from your hard-earned cash.

Most MLM reps fail because of a handful of basic factors:
1. Not enough leads
2. Not enough money
3. No duplicable system for their team

You see, the most successful network marketers have developed a custom online lead funnel that helps them generate thousands of leads.

Your success in multi-level marketing is directly proportional to the number of quality sales leads that you can generate.

And just read that above sentence again.

A steady stream of leads if vital – or you’re doomed to fail. Only

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Website Marketing: Clare County Enterprise Board – Website Marketing Bootcamp Training Course

Rating: 5 Objectives This course will provide you with an action plan for increasing your website traffic and sales. Specifically it will look at how to get your website to…

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Network Marketing: Stellar Internet Sales: Network Marketing VoIP Tips for Success

Marketing VoIP can be a lucrative business, but it does have its challenges. Face it; VoIP marketers have a lot more competition today than in 1995 when VoIP was a one horse town. As technology has expanded and increased consumers’ choices, they have a myriad of options for their Communication needs. This means that when you meet with a potential customer you need to really bring your game. You can get ahead of the crowd with these tips for direct sales. Network marketing VoIP requires a slightly different approach so tailor these tips to fit the situations you encounter.

    Leave the industry speak at home. Most customers are not privy to the numerous acronyms that surround VoIP. Talking in the industry language won’t make you sound smart; it will likely just put them off. This is often a major purchase for a customer so adding the confusion of acronyms and unfamiliar terms can make them feel overwhelmed. Speak to them in their own language.
    Market to your customer, not to a big sale. Don’t try to sell the most expensive service or product to your customer just because you will get a big commission – especially if they don’t need it. Assess their individual needs and tailor the system or services to meet those needs. One size definitely does not fit all when it comes to VoIP.
    Sell more than long distance call savings and special features. If that is what you sell, that is all they will see. But if you explain what the features really do and compare them to their existing service or features, well, you have just given your pitch more value. Explain why it is valuable to them and what they can accomplish with it.
    Know what you are doing before you do it. This is a simple, time tested tip of ‘know your product.’ Learn everything you can about your product, know it inside and out. This way you can talk about it with confidence and you can install it like a pro. Your customers will see and hear your expertise and now you have just gained credibility with them. Congrats.
    Back up your sales with security products. Your goal is to offer your customer the total package. Unfortunately, in today’s Trojan, virus and worm laden internet world, security products are an absolute necessity. Make it a routine part of your sales and deployment.
    Your sale does not end with the installation, take that next step. Too many sales people install and bail, leaving the customer to figure out their new equipment. Take the time to train your customer on their new equipment and help them get used to it. Most of the time your customers will have no clue how to use their new equipment. Be a hero, take the time and teach them.
    Package deals equal big bucks. Sure, you can piecemeal your sales, but you are just going

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Website Marketing: Automated Advisor Website Marketing

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In this segment of Automated Advisor, Brandon Stuerke will be talking through effective website strategies for today’s financial advisor.

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Network Marketing: Success Story of Harvard Business School Network Marketing Team

A business marketing network solely depends on the strength and activeness of the people working in that network. A good network can help a lot to make money for everyone under the same hood. You might be confused with a vital question now, how and where I can find such networks to reach the level of success. Harvard business school network marketing was a success due to the participation of some exclusive geniuses and some hard workers. This means a team can only flourish if your ideas are good and you can work staying on the track until you’re succeeded. That’s why, you have to make your own team for ensuring business success through network marketing.

Thousands of network marketing organizations are working together for making this a huge success. Many organizations follow the Harvard business school network marketing strategies and they are working on them to optimize. You can join these creative groups as well. You just have to remember a simple thing, your success is all depending on the hard work you do. Another thing you should also be very cautious about. You should learn everything with possible trivia. You should figure out everything in your own way. You should customize all the ideas in your own unique way. That was the primary concern of Harvard business school network marketing team. That’s why they reached success in a very short time.

When you are building a team for network marketing, you should pick the most dependable and dedicated people you have ever known. So your friends, your colleagues, your mates are the best people to work with in the beginning. You have to encourage them about this wonderful business method and once you have convinced them, you can immediately start working in a comfort zone of business relationships.

>Let Brian Garvin & Jeff West give you more information about Legal Consulting and Direct Sales at MLM Legal. <

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